A translation application utilizing Apple's Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesizer frameworks as well as the Google Translate API. User can translate between 34 languages by speech or text. Detects languages being spoken without the user having to specify the origin language.

Available on the App Store.

Language: Swift

July 2019.

Upserve To-Go

Mobile application for restaurant management technology company Upserve. Notifies user of nearby Upserve restaurants through location-based notifications and proposes recommendations and rewards based on user preferences.

Utilizes Apple's MapKit and CoreLocation as well as Firestore, Firebase Storage, and Firebase Authentication.

Language: Swift

August 2019.


An iOS application utilizing Apple's ARKit to display the parts of the user's face most susceptible to sun damage. Used OpenWeather API to create an in-app weather feature along with Firebase to store user data. 

Language: Swift

April 2019.


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Real estate filtering web application. Users are able to filter nearby houses through location, property type, and listing. Sort by price as well as receive current weather data utilizing the OpenWeather API.  

Language/Library: React JS

December 2019.

Vagrant Coffee

Complete redesign of the coffee cart startup Vagrant Coffee mobile application. Conducted user testing and gathered metrics for task completion, including error rate, time on task, and success rate.

Software: Adobe XD, Balsamiq

November 2019.

Model Selection

Binary logistic regression with Tikhonov regularization model used to classify a cell as malignant or benign.

Trained on UCI Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic) data set. 

Language: Python

March 2019.


Fully functional chatroom web application in which the user can join a chatroom, post messages, and view other users' messages. Utilizes JQuery and MongoDB.

Language: JavaScript

March 2019.


An interactive Linux shell that reads, analyzes, and executes user-inputted commands. Handles multiple processes, including those in both the foreground and background.

Language: C

October 2018.

Memphis Taxi

Created two websites displaying taxi services in Memphis, Tennessee. Conducted A/B Testing to determine which site design users preferred. Hosted on Heroku.

Languages/Software: HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator

October 2019.

Decision Tree

A recursive machine learning algorithm predicting new decisions using given data. 

Language: Java

April 2018.

Cake Run

A visual running game that requires user's touch to help character collect as many slices of cake as possible.

Available on the App Store.

Language: Swift

July 2018.

Craigslist Redesign

Fully responsive redesign of the Craigslist home page in HTML, CSS, and JS. Utilized Flexbox. 

Languages: HTML/CSS, JS

October 2019.

Everyday UI

Analyzed two everyday interfaces: chalkboards and cereal boxes as well as Amazon Alexa. Analyses and critiques available on Medium.

Software: Sketchpad, Adobe Lightroom

September 2019.


An iOS application that tests user's vision by displaying a sequence of characters

for the user to read. 

Language: Swift

January 2018.

Personal Site

Personal website optimized for mobile and desktop.

Showcases photography and personal interests.

Utilizes Flexbox.

Available on Github pages.

Languages: HTML & CSS

January 2019.


A Java application that dynamically resizes images by removing low-energy seams. Reduces an image's size while keeping important features intact.

Language: Java

February 2018.

Reimagining the ATM

Developed mental models and personas and conducted user testing to determine the effectiveness and interface quality of the Bank of America ATM.   

Software: Adobe Illustrator

September 2019.

Musical Style Transfer

Transferred the style of famous classical music pieces into jazz using a Sequence to Sequence Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). Utilized the Piano Dataset of 349 classical pieces and 349 jazz pieces for training.  

Languages/Libraries: Python, Tensorflow 2.0, PrettyMIDI

October 2019.

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